Korean beauty standard in 19th century


There are many different beauty standards all over the world. However, nowadays, women's beauty standard is fairly similar in many developed countries across cultures. Thin and tall woman with glamorous body is preferred. Also, women have to have oval face, big eyes with a double eyelid, and big nose. I think the reason that this kind of standard becomes pervasive is an influx of western culture to Asian countries. In Asia, there are not many people who have this western preferred faces naturally, some women tend to do plastic surgery to fulfill the western beauty standard that I mentioned above even though people emphasize individual facial characteristics more than past.

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The title of the picture above is 'me-in-doe' which means a drawing of a beauty. This is a drawn by a famous Korean painter in early of 19th century. This shows traditional Korean's beauty standard long time ago. Woman in the picture has slightly round face (not an oval face) with chubby cheeks. Also she has small eyes without a double eyelid. And it shows a gentle impression on her face. This is really different from current beauty standard of women and western standard which is easily seen from Hollywood stars.


I think that there is no standard for the beauty - beautiful is everywoman, who is happy and loved and under the sun there is a man to adore every woman, no matter how she looks like and according to which standard her beauty is orientated...Removals

I was watching a documentary once about plastic surgeries in Asia. I learned that if two possible candidates have very similar backgrounds and experiences and both are equally capable of doing the job, the company will hire the more attractive candidate. Because of this, it has led to many plastic surgeries all around Asia. I'm sure that this is being down here in America, too. I think all over the world people face the challenge of trying to fit society's standards of being beautiful.

I have actually heard about this procedure being done! To me there is no one beauty, and we should all find ways to accentuate and be happy with ourselves without needing to physically and permanently alter who we are. If we find ourselves beautiful, then that confidence will show and only serve to our advantage.

I agree that everyone is beautiful! I think it is interesting how at the end you compared the beauty in the drawing to what is considered beautiful today in Hollywood and in the media. But as I said before, all people, especialy women, are beautiful despite what society tells us today.

I also believe that there should be no standard for beauty. It's interesting to see how people will go as far as plastic surgery to alter their looks in order to feel what they perceive to be "beautiful". I think that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and there is no way to compare one face to another and point out which one is more beautiful.

There are many different beauty standards all over the world. My opinion is that the natural pure beauty is the most precious gift.

Recently, I have watched Madame Butterfly opera and I was truly astonished by the personality of the Asian women. So mysterious and fragile.


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