Long neck or nose or skin?


Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kurasina Kana, Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry. Johnny Debb, Tom Cruise ..............

What comes first when you think of them?

Yes, they are the attractive actors around the world.

It feels like that countries might have their own criteria that decide whether the face is attractive or not because all countries pursue distinctive culture.

However, there is one thing in common among those actors I listed.
The answer is that their faces are symmetry.
According to the text book and what we have done at our discussion session, people are more likely to be attracted by average appearance with symmetry outline.
Of course, people who I listed above don't have "average" appearance, but they have better face than average. However, the important thing is that all of them have symmetry outline.
It seems that having a symmetry face outline is the basic factor of being beauty regardless of culture.

Then, whichspecific factors make people more beautiful than others?
These specific factors are the standard of beauty for countries.

Japanese think that beauty skin and straight hair style make people attractive. Most women have soft and flawless skin. In japan, people can get collagen which is good for skin from supermarkets easily. Moreover, japanese think that having some projecting teeth makes a person cutter than before.

Members of the Kayan tribe in the Burma and Thailand thimk that long neck is the attractive point of a person. Since 5 years old, they have circular bracelet around their neck and those bracelets are added as they grow.

In Iran, a sharp little nose is the attractive point of a person's face. This is because, women in Iran wear clothes that cover their body from head to toe so that what they can show to others is face only so that women want to have cute nose not big nose that Iran women normally have. In order to have a sharp little nose, women undergo plastic surgery.

In Brazil, slim body and beautiful nose are the factors that affect people to be attractive or not. Thus, diet pill and plastic surgery are widely spread and performed in the Brazil. For the nose plastic surgery, Brazil is the best in the world.

Finally, people in Indonesia think that slim is important for being attractive.
In order to be a slim person even after pregnant, women wrapped around their body using Stage to suppress waist. Stage works as a corset so that their waist can be reduced to fit into the size of stage or corset.

Like this, beauty standards are different from all over the world.
However, I think along with symmetry face, one factor is same all over the world without cultural differences which is broad mind without bias.


Your excellent examples of concepts of beauty around the world reminded me of another one I learned about in history class, Chinese foot binding. Chinese women would wrap their feet in a very very painful process that let them have very small, dainty, narrow feet. Unfortunately, this process also made it very difficult to walk. It's a reminder that people will go through immense pain and impracticality in order to look beautiful.

It's interesting how our ideas of beauty vary between different countries all around the world. Even within the United States, our idea of beauty has changed significantly over the years. There are pictures all over facebook about how our idea of beauty has changed from the famous Marilyn Monroe to skinny-boned girls that society seems to glorify nowadays.

I like how you added reasons as to why these factors are seen as more attractive or beautiful in a particular country, like the sharp nose. The impacts of a culture continue to manipulate what is viewed as beautiful, but facial symmetry is always important. I cannot say that any of these methods
are horrific, because stretching the neck or wrapping feet I feel is equivalent to a low-tech method of improving ones perceived beauty, high-tech being plastic surgery and liposuction. All together, it's trying to hard to fix something that isn't "wrong" or ugly.

Good job researching for this blog! A lot of those examples you used were really interesting. I remember seeing a show a long time ago on National Geographic talking about the "long neck" people of that Burma tribe you mentioned. I always found it amazing the lengths (no pun intended) that some people go to become more appealing to others, and this was also just amazing that you can actually lengthen your neck so much!

This is an excellent example of the different views of beauty of all over the world. Lots of the methods women use to make themselves be perceived more beautiful seem very painful. It seems like it would be extremely painful to have your neck stretched. But, then again, that makes me think about how here in the U.S. women endure botox needles to their face in order to look more youthful. Overall, this is a very fascinating subject. Good job on your research!

It is interesting that you brought this point up. Not to long ago i was a watching a documentary on ESPN on why quarterbacks are so attractive to women. They compared a lot of the top quarterbacks faces and body shapes and stuff like that. Anyways, long story short, they come up with that quarterbacks' faces were more symmetric than other NFL players.

It's insane what different societies find attractive and how that changes over time. But I actually read a book (and I think they was mentioned into our psych textbook as well) that said that generally men not only find women with symmetrical faces attractive, but they also prefer when with a 7.0 waist to hip ratio because that is optimum for child bearing. So there is one more thing that can be said to be common across the entire world.

It's very interesting to see what different countries believe to be beautiful yet there is one universal factor that defines beauty. It's incredible to see what kind of painful surgeries and changes people will go through to be seen as beautiful.

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