Nature vs. Nurture


After this class the thing that I will always remember is the nature vs nurture debate. The reason I will remember this is because it brought up a lot in class a lot and a very interesting topic. Along with that both sides have support that show they are important to the development of children. The reason this debate is so important is that it attempts to show which is more important in development, the environment or genetics. The twin study by the university of Minnesota that compares twins that are seperated and compares their IQ and psychological characteristics. The study was a comparison study done between twins that were separated when they were very young. The study showed that mono zygotic twins were still similar even when they are apart, so it shows that genetics do matter in development. Another thing that is important to note is the fact that the monozygotic twins are never identical, this shows that genetics doesn't show the whole thing. Another thing they studied was adopted kids. When comparing the adopted kids they are not the same either. Since they are grown in the same environment this shows that the environment doesn't define a person either. After this class I now understand a lot more about what influences kids when they are growing up and I will never forget the nature nurture debate because it repeatedly shows up just by seeing different people everyday.2011-02-01-Nature-vs-Nurture.jpg
Comic about environment and child development


I agree with you. I will most likely remember nature vs. nurture from the class as well. It was really fun to discuss in class and as you said, is interesting because we witness how both are important everyday. And I like the picture:)

Alright the cartoon really made the blog for me. I agree that the concept of nature versus nurture is a concept that I will take with me long after this class is over. After seeing case after case made for various topics it is hard to ever fathom that there will truly be an end to this debate.

Yeah, I agree that genetics are probably influential but I almost wonder how much the environment's reaction to genetics shapes us. Maybe you have a naturally slow metabolism, so you are on the chubbier side and have to work out to be skinny. You could have people reacting poorly, calling names. Or you can have people encouraging you, finding your "inner beauty" through things beside physical appearance. That could shape you in different ways, stemming from the same genetic characteristic. Does that make sense?

I think the Nature vs. Nurture debate, like the free will and determinism debate, proves what we learned in the book: many concepts in psychology are overlapping and there is no black and white answer. The same applies to so many other aspects of life, sometimes there isn't a right or wrong answer and we should remember that.

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