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As Professor Gonzales mentioned in her lecture, culture had long been neglected and less developed in psychological field of study. Until recently, I also had no chance to think this topic over because I lived in quite a homogeneous culture: I am from East Asia. If you are familiar with these terms from the lecture, it is a society that is collectivistic rather than individualistic, homogeneous rather than heterogeneous, and harmonious rather than competitive.


It's been four and a half months since I came to the United States but I'm still surprised to encounter these cultural differences. For example, Westerners are more likely to fall into the trap of Fundamental Attribution Error than Asians. Recently, an Olympic gold medalist's doctoral thesis plagiarism was a big issue in my country. To make matters worse, he is a member of International Olympic Committee and recently elected lawmaker. When I explained this case to my friends who had no idea who he was, my European American friends tended to describe him as an immoral, irresponsible, and stupid person whereas Asian American friends tended to mention his athletic background, though all of them agreed his behavior was unforgivable. It was an exciting moment where I applied what I learned to the real world.

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