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Despite the vast amount of different fields of psychology we have examined and the many theories and experiments within each one, I've noticed that one central idea seems to be constantly be brought up as a way to combat psychological problems or just improve your daily life, and that is to stay happy and positive. Everybody goes through a lot of different things in their lives, and through everything we've learned, this simple (well, maybe not so simple) task of keeping a good attitude with good expectations seems to be the best way to get us through things.

I have always seemed to add way to much stress to my life, whether I am worrying too much about an upcoming event or trying to avoid situations that I don't want to deal with. Sometimes it is very hard to maintain calmness and a good attitude. However, when looking at the effects that feeling alone can have on you, it shows just how much your attitudes and expectations can change things for the better. For example, throughout nearly every chapter of the book, there seemed to always be some crazy experiment in which a person given a placebo would actually exhibit some seemingly biological effects just because he or she had changed their thoughts. On top of this, we have just recently been learning about how a good, calm attitude can reap countless health benefits for you in the long run, even warding off some horrible diseases that we may not even associate with our feelings. Even simply smiling when you don't even want to smile (facial-feedback hypothesis) can biologically change your emotions for the better!

Everybody on this Earth experiences a tremendous amount of hurdles in their lifetime, and keeping a good attitude can get you through a lot of these problems. I had always thought that being happy was just good because it made you feel better for the time being, but the long-term effects it can bring really surprised me. It may seem hard at times, but if you just keep smiling, things may just figure themselves out for you.

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