The Tapeworm Diet: Natural or Insane?

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If you desperately want to lose weight, you might be interested in the tapeworm diet. This video is from Tyra Show with the purpose of persuading people to go on a healthy diet:

A tapeworm is a tapelike parasitic flatworm living in the alimentary canal of vertebrates including humans when adult. You can incubate it in your body by swallowing a pill. It will grow in your stomach and eat about a half of what you eat. Ideally, you can eat whatever you want but lose weight! This is all women's dream, isn't it? That's why even though it's illegal in the United States, still many women are willing to go to Mexico, pay $2000, and culture a parasite in their body.

All you can imagine grotesque side effects, however, may hinder you from putting it into action. Dr. D. Scott Smith, Stanford University Parasitologist, warns against trying this diet, for the tapeworm can cause abdominal pain, indigestion, headache and nausea and finally can be deadly. If the tapeworm goes to the brain, it can cause people to have a seizure, to lose the function of motor control, to go psychotic, and so on.

I go on a diet every summer. I once tried to reduce the amount of food by half, but had to quit because my orthostatic hypotension went really bad and made me almost faint at the bookstore. Health first. The right way to lose weight must accompany proper exercise, not a fad diet.

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The Tapeworm Diet: Natural or Insane? - Psy1001 Section 08 Spring 2012 Read More

The Tapeworm Diet: Natural or Insane? - Psy1001 Section 08 Spring 2012 Read More


It's crazy how some people are convinced to try ridiculous diets like this in order to lose weight. A good reason to lose weight is to be more healthy overall, not just to look good, and having a tapeworm in you is not going to make you more healthy. Diets like this are ridiculous, and I agree with your comment that you need to eat right and exercise in order to healthily lose weight.

Yuck. The people who go on this "diet" are seriously misinformed. For one thing, they don't need to waste thousands of dollars on pills and a trip to Mexico for a "diet" that is illegal for a reason; tapeworm larvae can be ingested through undercooked pork. Secondly, tapeworms are called parasites for a reason, they take away nutrients, nutrients that the body could be using to be healthy. There's really no evidence that significant weight can be lost using this "diet." So really, you're just feeding 7 foot long worm that's living happily in your GI tract.

I've heard of this method of losing weight as well, and I find it repulsive. Anecdotes that advocate for the tapeworm method seem to only discuss the simplicity of it; swallow the worm, get to your ideal weight, and take the medication to pass it through. But you're right, they ignore the risks associated. Also, once the worm is passed, the weight will be gained again because no lifestyle change was seen. The dieter will just find a new fad diet, not change their food intake or exercise regimen.

The fact that some people can even consider doing this is beyond me. As people before me have said, tapeworms are parasites, and last I checked, those aren't very good to have in your body. But then again, anyone that prefers having a giant, disgusting worm in their stomach and intestines over simply going on a diet may have some very interesting traits already, in my opinion.

I do not understand why any person would want to do something like this. I know it is possible to get rid of the tapeworm, however, it gets more difficult to get rid of it after time. Also why would anyone want to risk seizing or death? That makes no sense whatsoever. I would say it's almost as bad someone trying to induce cancer on themselves so they will waste away to lose weight. As most other people agree, I also agree that people need to lose weight the most normal way, healthy diet consisting of nutrient dense foods and proper exercise.

There is no way I would allow a worm to live inside me even if i was 500 pounds! That is one of the most digesting thing i have ever seen. Not only is that a bad because you have a worm living in you but it is also a crash diet plan that leads to health problems. The only healthy way to lose weight and keep it off is starting a well rounded healthy eating diet with routinely exercising.

That is beyond disgusting. A person who would subject themselves to that needs therapy. Usually people say that to be funny, but I'm completely serious. If you're self-image is so low because of your weight that you'd be going to those legths, something is very wrong with you.

I've heard a little about this diet but not as much as you've shared. It's crazy to see the lengths people will go to in hopes of losing wight and being the "ideal" size in the US. Being willing to put a parasite in your body to lose weight is absolutely crazy.

That is the nastiest thing I have ever heard in my life. I would love to have a nicer body than I have now but I honestly would rather have some chub than go on this diet. It is sad to think that people are so obessed with having an "ideal body" that they would go through with a diet like that.

I think a safer way to get a tape worm in your stomach is by eating lots of sugar cz it causes tape worms. I know i've always had this issue of tape worms and yes it's true that it reduces your appetite and eats up your food too. My sissy always wanted such tape worms cz she wanted to reduce weight. She started taking more sugar and yes it worked for her too :-) But I would advise you to avoid such fad diets, instead take natural supplements to reduce weight. My friends use the best Garcinia cambogia pills and yes it works very very well.

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