The Unchanging Personality


Five years from now, I think the one concept in psychology I will remember most is probably the study of personality. As a growing teenager, I noticed that my peers were constantly changing in their self-image and how they portray themselves and what stereotypes they chose to fit. One year, two friends may have so much in common, and then the next year they can go their separate ways, and I notice we always used the excuse that "people change." Although it is true that people may change in their beliefs and views of the world, I learned through this course that personality is a permanent thing, something that we are all born with genetically. It was fascinating to learn about Oskar Stohr and Jack Yufe, the two identical twins separated at birth who had extremely identical personalities yet very distinct political views. Having never been in contact with one another, their personalities were obviously not influenced by their environment but their genetic make-up. Contributing to the nature versus nurture debate, personality is definitely a thing of nature. I will probably carry this fact with me all throughout life, knowing that even though people may seem to change, they really have not because their personalities are permanent, since we are all born with them and they all level out as we get older. Maybe people do not seem to "change" as much as we thought afterall.


This is very interesting. Since people are influenced by other people/things and that is what causes them to change their beliefs I think it's very interesting that it doesn't change their personality as well.

I also think that my personality doesn't change that much over many years. Of course, my personality and my behavior are influenced by my different self-esteem and different environment in every year. According to the factors, my personality slightly changes over and over, but I think my basic personality actually has not changed. However, I don't agree that personality is formed by gene. Then you mean extrovert person is born with extrovert gene?

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