Theory of love.

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As a human, we live in this world and we have our demand. Not only eat, drink and sleep to make us survive, we also need some higher needs to satisfied, love is a good one we all want.

But how do we deal with love? Our relationship sometimes going well and sometimes going bad, what is the component of a good love? In Robert Sternberg's triangular theory of love, he proposed three major elements of love: Intimacy, passion and commitment. I believe in this theory because it is reasonable for the shape of good love in my mind, that is you met a person and both of you like each other (no matter physically or mentally), and then passion created some chemical sparks between you two. Finally, if both of you love to make commitment to each other? Bang! Congratulation, consummate love has been created.

But in the reality, things not always come up to ours expectation, you will not approaching consummate love if your relationship are missing component of Intimacy out of three, what you get is Fatuous love. But if you are missing passion, you will get companionate love. Without commitment, which is romantic love that I believe it is the most common situation we had in relationship right now in collage.

The study of consummate love is very interesting subject which I will use my whole life to learn it and pursue it.

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Your post made me giggle a little bit. This topic stood out me as well. I agree with what you said about romantic love being the most common kind of love that many experience in college. I liked how you broke down each type and explained them. Good post!

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