Brain Injury recovery

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One topic that I have found very interesting in psychology is the study of how the brain functions after damage has been inflicted to it. The fact that the brain can repair itself is very fascinating to me. If in some way the brain is injured it can still adapt and heal itself. An example of this is split brain surgery. This operation is done when a patient has uncontrollable epilepsy and has seizures that are dangerous to their health. The procedure is very difficult and has neurosurgeons separate the two hemishpers by severing the corpus callosum. Even though the patient has the two hemispheres of the brain unable to communicate with one another the person can still function normally with some minor side effects, but the seizures are gone.
Another example of the brain adapting is when an amputee is able to feel a limb that they no longer have. Even though it is gone the majority of patients feel sensations in the phantom limb. The reason for this is the brain is not being stimulated in that area enough so to make up for it the limb is feels sensations when another body part also feels sensation.
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Phantom Limb Comic

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I agree and think that the brain is a fascinating organ in our bodies. It's interesting how it can repair damage within the brain. It's amazing how the brain is probably the most studied organ in our body but still is the most mysterious of all organs. Great cartoon and entry!

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