Correlation vs Causation

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Correlation vs Causation is my weakest part when thinking critically.
I tend to think something happened because of something else.
I know it's really stupid, but I can't help it.
If I did a bad job on a test, I go like "maybe it's because I had a stomachache in the morning. I always do badly when I'm sick" or something like that.

Our textbook defines correlation-causation fallacy as the error of assuming that because one thing is associated with another, it must cause the other. Correlation vs causation is one of the six scientific thinking principles, which are explained well in the textbook.

To really know, I looked up online to find several examples of this fallacy. I found several ones which were very common.

1. Children raised by single parents do less well at school (and later in life).

2. People who own red cars are twice as likely to have an accident as people who own blue cars.

3. People who are poor have worse educations and people who are single are generally poorer.

(I found those examples from the website,

To some extent, maybe it can be true for some of us because we may face the problem personally. But they are certainly not correlated each other for sure.

I think this fallacy is one thing I really need to realize at many times.

ps. This youtube video has an example of correlation vs causation too.

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