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One section I thought really interesting was the small section on autism in Chapter 15. One of the main concerns that they brought up is that the rates of autism have increased 657%. How can this be most wonder? Is it really because of the MMR vaccine or is it because we have gotten really good at detecting it? I believe it to be more along the lines of us getting better at recognizing the disorder and also with the inclusion of Asperger's. One interesting point with autism that I have heard in another course is that most children show different brain activity and preference for familiar voices like those of their family. This is not the case with autistic individuals. They show no preference for the voices of their family. I also recently read a novel written through the perspective of an autistic individual which was totally engrossing and fascinating to take a peek into an autistic individual's mind and how their lives work and all the challenges they face with relationships and everyday activities. The name of the book was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.


I agree with what you said that we are a lot better detecting Autism and I think that might have a lot to do with why more people are being diagnosed with it. That is a very interesting point though about children having no preference for voices of family members and familiar voices. That book also sounds very interesting, I just might have to read it!

I am extraordinarily interested in this book and am going to be buying it on my iPhone after commenting on this blog. The classification of mental disorders is fascinating. During the summer I mentor for the Special Olympics and a common problem that I have conversed with the parents on is if their child will still be classified as handicapped with some of the newer classifications. Some of the higher functioning members of my team are being reclassified and that causes problems getting the assistance that they desperately need. I feel that it is good that progress is being made in researching these disorders but I do not feel that it should result in taking away assistance from anyone who feels like they need it.

I agree with you that autism is not due to the vaccine but they have gotten better at detecting the symptoms quicker and better over time. I might just have to read the book that you mentioned because it sounds very interesting. This kind of information is fascinating because you are always learning new things. Like they have said before every patient is a little different, but they still have the same disorder.

I have not read that book before but I am definitely interested in reading it. It would be really interesting to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who is autistic. It would help show the different ways in which I view the world versus the ways they view the world. I also agree with what you said about the MMR vaccine and the detection of the vaccine. I also think that it is because we have become much better at detecting the symptoms.

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