The importance of choosing friends in personality develop.

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The factors of Influence formation and development personality can be summed up by two main aspects: genetic and environmental. Two interactions determine the formation and development of the personality. The genetic basis formation and development of personality, such as the formation of temperament, including excitability, strong or weak, active or passive, the reaction speed of the activity level of intensity of reaction. Environmental factors determine the development of personality acquired, such as self-concept, attitudes and values, morality, interpersonal characteristics, habits, etc.. Social and environmental factors involved in children's growth and living environment, such as ethnic, cultural, family and parents, parenting, school, peer, social change and life events and other factors.

We develop our personality and usually formation most of it during childhood. With the children's growth, the social interaction is expanding. In addition to the parents and family members, most exchanges of children may be companions, including kindergarten friends, schoolmates, neighbors' children, the group members. The companion has a multifaceted impact on the formation and development of the personality of the child. So it's important to choose friends since we were a child, because our friends will influence us and shape our personality.

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That's true. I think that your genetics give you a lot of potential but early friendships have a lot of influence on things that we work on. Some people want to be the center of attention or the leader. As a kid, if you are like this, then choosing what type of friend you have can intensify or weaken that characteristic. If you are friends with a passive, quiet person than you can be outgoing for the both of you. But if you are friends with someone also outgoing, you two may compete for the spotlight and therefor either be unhappy or back off.

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