The placebo effect in Alcohol

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I'll never forget the section where we learned about alcohol, and the effects on the brain. I have grown up in a household where both my parents drink, not in ridiculous quantities, but quite often. As soon as my sister turned of age, she also began drinking often. She has given me a hard time as to why I haven't began drinking yet, she feels that it is a major step in growing up. And my dad also seems to be quite depressed that he can't grab a drink with his son when the subject comes up. As well, being in college, I'm surrounded by people who go out drinking, and I get hassled as to why I don't drink. Learning what I did from this section reaffirmed my reasons for not doing so, and this will help me provide reasons to those who will try to pressure me, and will increase my confidence that they are simply wasting money on pungent tasting drinks. I will never forget this.

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I really like where you are coming from on this post. I get it what you mean when people question you and ask you why you don't drink, especially in college. And they give you pressure about it, its just because you don't want to. Plus the things that I have learned about, it makes me even more hesitant about drinking.

My family is the same way. They are not alcoholics by any means, but they sure do like to drink during their leisure time. They also pressure me to sit down and have a glass a wine or a beer. However, after learning about the effects that alcohol has on your body, I have kept my decision to abstain from drinking. This chapter will help me make decisions in the future when I am given the option to have a drink. Great entry!

love it. i dont drink either. for different reasons I'm sure, but i haven't taken a drink for almost six years. i grew up in a household with NO alcohol, both parent were sober. i find it amusing to hear how people correlate drinking with good times or bonding. i work with adolescents in a chemical dependency halfway house, and let me be the first to tell you, drinking has nothing to do with growing up. i find the fact that you don't crumble to peer pressure more adult like than anything. love your post, and as someone who may be a little older, not necessarily wiser, be true to yourself and never give in to peer pressure; even when it's your pops.

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