Have you ever wondered exactly how many emotions humans are capable of feeling? After skimming chapter 11 I found that there are seven identified "primary" emotions and which presumably are the base from which other emotions arise. These emotions are happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, and contempt and I am almost certain everyone is this class has experienced each of these at one point in their lives, but what happens when we experience two or more of these emotions at once and how do we tell when someone else is experiencing this? I find that one of the easiest ways to observe this is through facebook. Often times when someone is overwhelmed by emotion they construct a status like this -(see picture below). They are simply unable to express exactly how they feel. My observation that I have explained in this blog isn't an exact science but I am sure we will learn more precise ways of classifying and identifying emotions later in the semester.

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Great post. Nice quick review of the general chapter and good job picking a point that was interesting to you and relaying your thoughts to us.

I love your blog and the title is awesome just as well. It had sort of a quick pace to it and it was so short and precise that while reading, I thought I would get the end having not even read about your ideas on it, but with the precision of your summary and the flowy-ness (

I like how quickly that you summed up the chapter, touching on all of the points that you found interesting. The 7 emotions surprised me, since I thought that there might be more. As someone who has gone through their teenage years, I know how overwhelming the mixture of emotions can be, and so I found your post to be amusing.

I found your title and post to be great! I can relate to this topic in so many ways because like you said I'm sure many people have experienced a time in which they were feeling many emotions at one time. This is a interesting time because at least for me you are very unsure on how to react.

This post was really cool because I can relate it to many things in my life, including right now with finals! This topic in psychology was one of my favorites because learning about how we deal and feel emotions is something we see and do everyday.

I like your post because I think I see that exact same Facebook status (or Tweet) on a daily basis. Either people are often very confused about their emotions or then just love punching random keys on their keyboard. Most likely it's a combination of both.

I really enjoyed your post and the title is a great way to tie together your points. Emotions are so fascinating and I definitely know the feeling of not knowing what you're feeling, if that makes sense.

This was a good post mainly because of our growing use of technology and text messaging. With text messaging and interactions through Facebook and Twitter, we no longer experience face-to-face interactions that can portray emotions that sometimes are not identified in text messages, tweets or Facebook statuses.

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