Chapter 10!

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Have any of you wondered why our body's change the way we do throughout our teen years and adolescence? Throughout chapter ten, it explains some theories that help shape each individuals growth and development while growing older. I found this chapter extremely interesting because it explained many factors of why children do the things they do at such a young age. Essentially, how their brain develops from their surroundings. One thing I found intriguing was the Role of the Father to a child while growing up (389). It explained how the father isn't as close to the children in their younger years as the mother, but the children will most likely choose their fathers to play with over their mothers, and that there is a special relationship between children and fathers. Another part of chapter ten that stuck out to me is the passage on Biological Influences on Gender. Throughout this part it explains how as early as age 3 boys rather hang out with boys, and girls with girls. This can suggest that children understand that their is a difference between gender awareness and they fit with their same gender over the other (392). This appealed to me because I always thought that kids (at that age) had no idea how to differentiate things, so it is weird for me to think that they are able to tell that there is something that much different about the opposite sex.

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Great post. Nice quick review of the general chapter and good job picking a point that was interesting to you and relaying your thoughts to us.

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