Chapter 5: Sleep


Chapter five talked all about sleep and what happens in our unconsciousness. The most interesting part of the chapter to me was the part about dreams, because scientists still do not know why we dream. I personally never remember my dreams, so the topic is interesting. The chapter listed many reasons why we dream, such as processing emotions, going over memories, and learning how to do something, but I want to know how it is the process works. Freud's Theory of Dreams said that dreams change our feelings into symbols that we need to interpret. There are five stages of sleep that involve the body "powering down", to settling into a deeper sleep, to when the brain is the most active. Déjà vu was mentioned in the chapter, another topic I find interesting. Déjà vu is the feeling that something has happened before, though you know the experience is new. Jamais vu was also mentioned, which is the opposite. There are many sleep issues, such as sleep apnea, insomnia, sleepwalking, and night terrors. Drugs and substance abuse was a large part of the chapter. There are depressants, stimulants, narcotics, and psychedelics (or hallucinogenic). I think the whole topic of what happens in our unconscious state is something interesting to learn about and I hope there will be more research in the future about dreams.


I think this blog post did very well on highlighting the main points from this chapter. A question I would have would be does the amount of sleep a person gets every night affect their dreams in any way?

I think that amount of sleep probably does not matter when determining if one will have a dream, unless it is a sleeping disorder. I look forward to this chapter.

Great post. Nice quick review of the general chapter and good job picking a point that was interesting to you and relaying your thoughts to us.

Awesome post you really covered the topics of sleep in a quick manner. Along with you, I rarely remember my dreams which in a way is disappointing but at the same time when I do have dreams they usually are pretty crazy. Great post again.

I think that you did a very good job outlining the chapter. I find it interesting that no one really knows the exact reason why people dream yet. I also generally do not remember my dreams, but every now and then I do and I find them interesting a lot of times. And once again, you did a great job outlining the chapter.

I also never remember my dreams, so the whole discussion about dreams in this chapter really interested me! I've always been skeptic of how people assign meaning to dreams but listening to psychologists, like Freud's, theories we're very intriguing. Now maybe if I could only remember the things I dream about I could interpret some problems or feelings in my life!

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