Intelligence and IQ Testing


Chapter 9 defines intelligence and IQ testing. The chapter mostly discusses how to calculate IQ, the reliability of it, and the influences on IQ (such as genetics and sex). The most interesting thing that stood out to me was how there is no strong evidence to show that coaching on college admission tests gives students greater results. There is a positive correlation, however it may not be because of the teaching, but because of the "practice effect" (frequency improve on tests as a result of practice). There are countless programs that offer coaching on college admission tests, and many students at the university most likely had some sort of training before they took the ACT/SAT. The teaching/training for these tests can be very costly. There is a lot of pressure to well on these exams since they may make or break ones college admission; however, I had hoped that there would be more evidence that these programs are helping students more than they are. bellcurve.gif


Great post. Nice quick review of the general chapter and good job picking a point that was interesting to you and relaying your thoughts to us.

I learned something new reading your blog post! It's very relevant to college students, because although we took the ACT/SAT test already. We can use these findings as some of us prepare for GRE, MCAT, LSAT exams, in the future.

This was a good summary of the chapter. It was interesting to read about how the positive correlation between test coaching and high scores may be dependent upon other factors not recorded.

When I was studying for the SAT my mom had gotten me practice tests I could take online and I believe that it was more so the practice effect that better prepared me for the actual test then the information it taught me. True it probably helped out a little but not as much as being able to know what could be on the test and how it would be formatted to learn what to specifically study for. Very interesting read.

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