A stereotype is a belief, positive or negative, about the characteristics of members of a group that is applied generally to most members of the group. People tend to put a group of people together into a stereotype based on nationality, skin color, religion, or numerous other categories. Stereotypes, though they can help to put people into groupings, can be very bad because people can react negatively towards a certain group. Here is a picture of many different stereotypes, some okay and some extremely harmful. stereotypes.gif
It is hard to say exactly how I feel on stereotypes, whether they are good or bad for people in this society. They are bad because they can tend to lead people to misjudge and overreact when they see a person of the negative stereotype. Just because a few select individuals of the core group have done something bad, does not mean that every single member of the stereotype is a bad person as well. Stereotypes can lead to prejudice, which we all know is bad all around. But at the same time, stereotypes can be good because it can possible help people to get into similar groups as themselves, for many good reasons. This article shows another person's similar views on stereotypes.
All in all, whether stereotypes are bad or good for people in this society they will always be around leading to prejudice and negative or positive beliefs on people's lives.


Great post about stereotypes, just make sure to complete the whole prompt (what chapter is this from and how does it relate to the chapter). Also where is the article? Make sure you check the help site for how to post links correctly.

What motivated me to read your article, was that it was about stereotypes. This made me curious enough to wonder your position on stereotypes. I agree with you, I think stereotypes will always be around, in every society. However, I think the negatives out way the positives, when it comes to stereotypes. Overall, I liked your article and picture!

I really like how you mention that stereotypes can be good and bad. Most people think of stereotypes in a negative way due to the fact that many stereotypes tend to be very racist. However, I also know other stereotypes that aren't harmful at all. For example, Whenever I'm with a bunch of my basketball friends, many people ask us if we play basketball because we are really tall. This just goes to show that stereotypes aren't necessarily harmful. I also liked the picture you included because it showed how some stereotypes can be harmful while others are not.

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