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Advertisements have been used for many years to get consumers to buy a certain product. So what makes a good ad? Advertisements use classical conditioning in order to make connections between a brand and some sort of positive emotion. The video of the Cheerios commercial is an example of classical conditioning in an advertisement. The advertisement tries to make the viewer feel joyful and positive in order to make them, hopefully, buy and eat Cheerios. In the commercial, the conditioned stimulus is the Cheerios; the unconditioned stimulus the use of the smiling, happy children, upbeat music, bright colors, and other factors that add to the positive feeling of the ad; the unconditioned response is the viewer feeling happy; the condition response is when we see or eat Cheerios, we get the same happy feeling. We see millions of advertisements throughout our life time, with emotions attached to every single one. The next time you see an advertisement, stop and think about what type of emotion the advertisement is appealing to, and if that emotion is strong enough to make your buy that brand.


I really liked this post. I agree completely that the brains behind this Cheerios commercial were attempting to make the viewer feel joyful, happy, and simply at ease. I also think that they were successful with this approach, because the commercial made me smile and feel happy inside, which I'm sure it did for a large majority of their viewers. I think that in general advertisers have a lot of success when they use classical conditioning to promote their products, just because it is easy to identify what the viewers want and need in order to feel happy and buy the product. I also think that you did a good job with this post and the example that you used because it is not the typical approach that we recognize when talking about classical conditioning, such as sex, fatty foods, or thrill.

I really liked your post and how you related it to current commercials today. It's funny how similar commercials are these days, all targeting the happiness of there product. A lot of products rely around the concept that if the consumer buys there product, they will instantly be happy and joyful. It is almost as if companies are trying to trick consumers into buying there product.

Great job explaining how advertisements today use classical conditioning in order to sell their products. After learning about this in our book, I found myself paying more attention to what types of emotions are trying to be brought out by different types of commercials and advertisements. The link you attached also did a good job of showing classical conditioning through the use of commercials. It's interesting how products such as cheerios that are trying to be sold to little kids have a HUGE difference in the types of advertisements compared to products for older people.

It's interesting how advertising works that way. I also remember reading in the book how the visual aspect of the add sucks you in. For example, if I remember correctly, they said a picture on the left side will draw the reader in more. The example was a makeup add in a magazine. It makes me think of packaging as well, and how I am more likely to pick up a product based on its packaging. The same can be said for judging a book by its cover. But we know advertising is all about how the product is shown and the job that is done in promoting a product. Which is why advertising is a huge industry!

I really enjoyed learning about advertising and classical conditioning in this class. It never ceases to amaze me how much though goes into advertising and how much it really does affect our decisions as buyers. Great post!

This was a good post. Advertising is a really interesting concept, especially when looked at from a psychological view. Its crazy how many advertisements we come across every day without even realizing that we're being manipulated into feeling a certain way about a product.

I never really think that I will buy a product due to a really influential advertisement. I feel this way because I always think of cars when I think of advertisements. There are several car commercials on mainstream channels today. They appeal to different emotions based on what type of car they are. However, I feel most luxury car commercials are always showing cars simply riding in style with a narrator's voice in the back explaining the luxury of the vehicle. These commercials are so bland and they do not deviate from one company's advertisement to another when it comes to luxury vehicles.

I find it interesting how when you're watching commercials like these, you're not really thinking about what's going on and what's making it so appealing to you. But after learning about how companies work to try to get consumers to buy their products, I will be much more aware of what is really going on and think before I buy the products.

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