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Dog training is something very essential to a family who has a dog. I personally had to train my dog, because she is mine, and I did alright, but there are some things that she does that I wish that she wouldn't. Such as, not coming when she is called and getting in her kennel when she is supposed to. Training dogs is a difficult task, especially when you are not familiar with any training tactics. Dog training varies from encouraging your dog to sit, use the bathroom outside, not bite, not bark, and others. But there are even cooler tricks like making your dog dance, shake your hand, catch a frisbee, and more. Dogs also can be trained to guide blind people or to work for cops and find illegal substances which can be helpful. The coolest thing I think dogs can be trained to do is what the dogs trained to help blind people do, they can answer the phone, move things, guide them, and grab them things. It is spectacular what a dog can do for a human being and how much help they can be. Each dog owner trains their dog differently whether it be rewarding them each time or only sometimes, and what they teach them, it is all up to the dog master.


When my aunt first got her dog he wasn't trained at all and they had to teach him to use the restroom outside. His name was buddy and he was a very fun border collie. Initially though he would play fetch but he wouldn't bring the ball back to you after you threw it. He would kind of look at you and expect you to come over and get it. After a while of teaching him new tricks he learned how to roll over (which is a lot harder then you think), fetch, shake, and play dead. I agree with you that it is amazing to what dogs can learn to assist people, especially the blind. In one of my computer classes there is a blind man whose dog helps him down the stairs to his chair and lays there perfectly quiet until he is needed again. Sometimes you even forget a dog is there because he is so obedient and doesn't make a sound.

Great piece of information here. I remember when we first got a dog as a kid, we where so happy and delighted about having a friend in the house until it started to cause havoc, barking, running around and biting.

We assumed that it was being naughty, little did we realise back then that it did not know any better and it needed training. Dog or puppy training is always considered part of a dogs life and I will highly recommend it for all dog owners.

It makes life much easier when dog is trained

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