Nature or Nurture?


nature_vs_nurture2.jpg The debate between nature vs. nurture has been unsolved for some time. The debate is between whether nature (genes) or nurture (environment) have a greater affect on your health and lifestyle. In this article, they revisit the subject after doing a project on the issue. At first the project found that we as humans only have around 30,000 genes, which is only double that of your average fruit fly. This swung the momentum on nature vs. nurture to the side of nurture, due to us not having enough genes for it to be that much of a factor. By observing over 45,000 sets of twins, it was found that cancer is an environmental disease, although nature does have some factor in it. The real answer is that both have an affect on you, as certain genes that you inherit can make you more or less likely to get certain diseases. So between your hereditary genes and your environment, both have some role in how healthy you will be. If you are more likely to get a disease due to your genes, but live a healthy lifestyle, the two will be more likely to balance each other out. Personally, I think that there are some things that you can't avoid due to your genes, but your genes mostly just increase your chances to get certain diseases, they don't guarantee getting or not getting a disease. The same goes for your lifestyle, your chances of getting a disease are less likely if you are healthier, and more likely if you live an unhealthy lifestyle, but it still isn't proven either way. Hopefully one day the debate will be finalized and it will be an exact science.


Nature vs. Nurture is a great topic. Like you said in the article, I also believe that there are only some things that are influenced by either Nature or Nurture. Take for example the environment that you are always surrounded in. This environment has a significant role in influencing the way you act or react to certain things. I believe that if you are raised in a more violent environment, that you will have a more tendency to be violent. Same goes for nature, your genes and the make up of a specific person has a huge influence on the person they become. Like you said,nature and nurture do have influences on people, but ultimately it doesn't decide what people will become.

I completely agree with your entry above. I took a nutrition based class last semester in which we learned a lot about how our genetics and lifestyle play a role in how we can get diseases such as cancer, and it was based mostly off your healthy lifestyle and nurture apposed to it all being genetic. (although it does play a small role) I agree that nature and nurture do play primary roles in determining what we do/who we are, I don't know what the third variable might be besides your own thinking. Overall this was a great entry and the nature-nurture topic is something we encounter in our daily lives and was nice to read from a different perspective.

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