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Nature vs. nurture the great debate. Does the environment around you shape who you are or is it heredity that predetermines who you will be? Many argue that one tops the other but in my opinion both play crucial roles in shaping a person. Even if there was a break through that either nature or nurture was more influential they both play such huge roles that it wouldn't settle the debate. The nurture's argument is that the environment determines how a person will turn out so if they are raised in an environment filled with positive reinforcement they will turn out better than a person who was raised in an abusive house hold. Though on the other hand the very experience molds the person into who they will turn out to be, so they could potentially walk away from an abusive home and turn into well shaped people. On the other hand the nature's argument is that a person's genes is what determines who they will turn out to be so say they are raised by an abusive parent who's been to jail they are more prone to violence then someone who was raised by a successful intelligent parent. If I had to pick which argument played a more crucial role I would say nurture because the environment around them shapes who they will turn out and the person themselves can determine who they want to be.


I think this a endless debate which you kinda addressed. With you I believe that we are more a product of our environments rather than our genetic makeup. However, specific conditions like ADHD, depression, and other mental deficiencies could also interfere with the ability to be nurtured to act a certain way. Overall, this debate will always be a theory of percentages of how much each element affects the individual.

I agree with you in the sense that the environment and the genes of an individual both play a crucial role in his or her development and future. However, in the great debate of nature vs. nurture, I truly believe that neither idea outweighs the other or that there is a clear cut winner. I believe that each aspect of one's character is determined by a factor that is completely independent, and these reasons are always shifting between being on the "nature" or nurture side. For example, I come from a very loving and nurturing family with no major problems and plenty of positive reinforcement. However, I suffer from depression and social anxiety , which comes from my genes. Thus, my happiness shifts from time to time due to both aspects of my life.

Everyone has his or her opinion on this debate but I truly think that there is no right or wrong answer. It's obvious through the tremendous amount of studies that have been done to date that both nature and nurture affect personality among many others as well. I think that are times when nature or nurture seem to be the more obvious reason for why an event had occurred, but I feel like these all balance out in the end. But, if i HAD to choose either nature or nurture, I'd agree with you and go nurture because it seems that it is easier to view the environment that something is going on rather than the genetics of that person. Good post!

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