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Every day the American population is exposed hundreds of advertisements aimed to manipulate their emotions. The advertisers reason for manipulating views emotions is to persuade theirs viewers into purchasing that product. One very memorable ad campaign was the "Got Milk" ads (See picture). These ads use attractive celebrities like Angelina Jolie to invoke the emotions of desire while promoting the consumption of milk. The emotion of desire for the model is meant to be transposed from the model to the milk. I dare someone to Google milk ads and try and find someone who isn't considered to be attractive. If this were the case I find that this infamous set of ads would not be so infamous. In conclusion, these ads employ the old saying, "sex sells".


Very true, the idea that "sex sells" is used more than most people notice. I like how you separated the desire for the model from the consumption of milk. This is an effective model for advertising due to the way the brain works. It feels desire for an object and the subliminal message of milk in the ad makes the brain think it wants milk.

I agree with the fact that "sex sells" but I wouldn't that's the driving force behind the ads. I believe that more than anything it's the use of celebrities. The slew of famous people they use invoke an inner desire of average people to be their famous role models. Granted nearly all of the ads are overly sexualized, but I'd say not all of them are. For example, the one shown in the link below is playing more towards your heartstrings than lust.

I would agree with the whole "sex sells" statement, and this advertising technique has been going on for a long time. However, like Madison said, another big drive behind these Got Milk ads is the desire to associate oneself with a celebrity. I looked at these ads on Google and noticed that many of them had famous and successful athletes. Because many people desire to be athletic and successful in sports, milk uses famous athletes to advertise milk as a drink that will contribute to one's success in athletics. Here is an example of an athletic Got Milk ad with Aaron Rodgers since he is the MVP and all...just sayin!

I agree with the comments about how people desire to associate themselves with a celebrity, but why are people doing this? Because the celebrities are sexy. People love celebrities because they are sexy. Sex sells everywhere. Flip on the TV and you see ridiculus ads on how if guys do or wear a product, they WILL have sex. I agree with sex sells, because it does. Attractiveness grabs your attention.

While I agree that the ads are successful and that sex does in fact sell, I am still confused as to what sex has to do with milk.I find it rather frustrating when I see an ad for something like milk or furniture with sexy models all over. I just guess it points out how sexualized some parts of our culture have become.

Simple classical conditioning at its finest! We had these posters all over our high school! I am glad that the "sex sells" influence is that we consume milk rather than other sugary drinks. You see a lot of soda and energy drinks that use this same strategy. Milk reinforces a healthy diet where as these other companies try to get consumers to drink more sugar and liquid carbs from soda and energy drinks.

I agree with your ending statement that "sex sells" 100%. It seems to me that due to classical conditioning, the attractiveness of the person in these type of ads ends up giving a unconditioned response of arousal and ultimately makes the milk be the conditioned stimulus. I find this very interesting that this type of classical conditioning is basically found in every type of advertisement, no matter what the the advertisement is trying to sell.

I agree with the previous point in which how does "sex" and milk associate? I find that its more of an underlying concept, like what people said with the association with celebrities. When you see a product with an attractive,popular celebrity, it presents the product in a good manner. People lead by impulse and often times after seeing commercials like this think they need the product to be just like that celebrity. The product has a good appeal, makes the viewer have a positive reaction to the "stimulus", so the product has a better chance of sales.

I do agree with the point that "sex sells". In our society advertisers use sex in order to sell their products. They try to create an arousal in the viewer to get them to buy their product. I for one do not usually buy something just because a hot guy is on the advertisement. I would not drink more milk because Brad Pitt was on the ad. Overall however, society does follow the products with good advertisements - and sex sells.

This blog entry was very concise and to-the-point, and I enjoyed reading it. In my opinion, the idea that "sex sells" is really a non-issue and something that cannot be controlled or manipulated in the future. Sex has been selling for nearly as long as advertising has been a relevant term (for those of you have watched the show "Mad Men", you know what I am referencing). Sex and the attractiveness of humans has been a vital aspect of many advertising campaigns for so long, because it seems to be the one element of persuasion that human beings ALWAYS seem to respond to without fail. This type of selling appeals to a very specific set of emotions, hormones, and parts of the brain that cannot be controlled or altered by anything other than uncontrollable variables, such as a "hot girl" or a seductive image. Thus, this will never change. It is a non-issue as long as people respond to it in a way that is harmless, and it does not drive any sort of drastic, harmful change in individuals.

Interesting topic to post about. It's true sex sells and won't stop selling. In old car advertisements, there use to be models in the reflection of the cars in an attempt to make you favor that car and want to buy it. Great example of how it's being used in today. People like to be optimistic in that there could be that possibility that that specific item could potentially have an outcome where they would get an attractive person because they have that product. A mouthful I know. It doesn't even have to be about sexuality. Gatorade does it too where they have top physically in shape people drinking their product in an attempt to sway you to drink more Gatorade because you'll end up like them if you do.

In society, sex most definitely sells. Which is somewhat sad, but very true. I really enjoyed your reading your post. I agree that advertisements are used to manipulate our emotions and most of the time we don't even realize it.

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