Are you putting yourself at risk for Alzheimer's disease?


Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia which is commonly referred to as memory loss. The disease is defined biologically by the build up of plaque and tangles of protein in the brain causing impairment of nerve cells. In Chapter 7 of the textbook, people who were more active and used their brain more were less likely to acquire Alzheimer's than people who led sedentary lifestyles. Although you can't control your age and genetic factors which often can lead to Alzheimer's, you can control what you eat and how much you exercise.


By leading a healthy lifestyle which promotes good cardiovascular functioning, normal blood pressure,healthy body weight, no tobacco use and non excessive alcohol use, you can help create a healthy functioning brain that will help not only prevent Alzheimer's disease, but slow down the stages of the disease. Also, staying connected socially can keep your memory sharp at old ages when this disease is prevalent. Next time you see Grandma on Facebook, understand that she is just trying to exercise her brain.


I really liked this post, it made me really think about Alzheimer's disease and how it can soon be prevalent in my life with my aging grandparents. I also find it interesting how much a healthy and active lifestyle can help prevent Alzheimer's, after thinking about it it makes a lot of sense. If only more people knew how much being healthy and active can have an affect on their lives maybe they would change their lifestyle!

This was a great post. I think that not only can leading a healthier lifestyle in general prevent us from developing Alzheimer's disease as we grow older, but I also think that it can prevent many other diseases and medical conditions from advancing. I think it is amazing how a little bit of exercise per day and a normal, healthy diet can do great things for our body. It really shows how with the advancement of our society, such as new technologies for home owners and easier access to unhealthy foods such as fast food, we could potentially be putting ourselves at risk to Alzheimer's and hundreds of other diseases.

Excellent post, it really exemplified the risks associated with Alzheimer's disease and how dangerous this disease has become. I agree with the other comments too on how exercise is so beneficial to the human body. Simple steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle are so crucial to human health and has shown to have so much benefits associated with it. Overall, great article I really enjoyed the read.

Sometimes one only needs to do simple things to help prevent very serious diseases. Eating healthy and exercising is one way to help prevent Alzheimer's disease, as this post illustrates. Although Alzheimer's disease is hereditary as well, choosing to eat home cooked food over take-out and walking instead of driving can really reduce the risk of the disease. Good post!

Alzheimer is a scary disease that is affecting more people every year. I am sure that living a healthier lifestyle does increase the chances of not getting the disease. I have seen many books/games that are directed towards older people - they consist of games, activities, readings, and other things that are supposed to keep their brain active. Being social is another large aspect of the brain. We are establishing and maintaining relationships all throughout our lives and they play a large role in development.

I like the conclusion about Grandma being on facebook, because while I'm not a huge fan of the idea, I guess I can be a little more accepting in light of these findings. With this knowledge in mind, I consider the case of my own Grandpa, who is still active in the stock market and not surprisingly, still functioning quite well cognitively for his age. I should probably tell him to keep up the good work.

It's comforting to know you can prevent or slow down such a horrible disease. I can't imagine loosing memories of important events or the faces of my family and friends. Reading this chapter about memory made me realize how important it is to be healthy so I'm able to preserve it.

This was an interesting post for me. My grandma passed away from Alzheimer's disease. She was always very in shape and active, and she was a health freak. She was a vegetarian her whole life and never drank or smoked. This makes me indifferent about this post. Yes, leading a healthy life is very important and can help prevent many disease, but Alzheimer's disease is a very mysterious disease and there really aren't many known cures or preventions.

This was a really interesting post to read. I found it interesting that Alzheimer's could be slowed or even prevent just by staying healthy. I thought that there would be much more involved in combating such a big disease in our society. But I am really glad to know that there are actually things that we can do to prevent it.

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