Bi-Polar vs Borderline Personality

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How many of you have a psycho girlfriend? Or know people who are happy one minute at a party but if someone looking better than them walks in they go crazy! Lately in my life I have found out how much of a psycho some females can be, specifically someone who once was my best friend. While reading Chapter 15 I came across the two concepts of Bi-Polar disorder and Borderline personality. These two concepts are what are going to stick with me the next five years. While coming across these two concepts today when reading I instantly thought of the conversation between me and this gal earlier in the week (long story short-she hates me because my boyfriend talks to her boyfriend and if I don't talk to her when he talks to him she goes psycho) (Although she may not be clinically diagnosed with these two disorders I believe she very well could be based off of other episodes) After reading the definition of a borderline personality I instantly thought of this figure and all of her past, this will definitely be a definition I will remember. I don't plan to do anything in my future with psychology but during my medical days to come when seeing/hearing about "crazy" patients I will think about the actual definitions of these two concepts and how they may not be as extreme as people think.

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I know someone who could be fine and dandy carefree and if then all of a sudden turn into a crazy person over small things like papers being left out. I'm more of a care free kind of person so I never understand what compels people to do 180s. I understand bi-polar and borderline personality perfectly well but I just couldn't picture myself doing it. Interesting topic to write about. I don't think it'll be something I'll forget mainly due to the fact that it's going to happen to someone around me sooner then later.

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