Do vaccinations cause Autism?

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Do vaccinations cause autism? This question has been posed by a number of individuals in the health sciences. It wasn't until recently that the final answer to this question was found. Before that point in time, numerous articles could be found that supported this claim as well as denied it. While searching the web for articles supporting both sides of this debate I found it was much easier to find credible sites for the negative. The first site I found was from Duke Medical. It provided a Dr.'s testimony that stated, "There is simply no evidence supporting this assertion". I also found a site from the CDC which stated, "the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism". Lastly, I found a Forbes article that indicated that the HuffPost Health still believes that vaccinations causes autism. Just based off of the URLs of these articles, I put more faith in the first two articles simply because they are a .org and a .gov while the later is a .com. Because these articles only provide claims, it is hard to find errors in the data analysis. Knowing this, if asked to, I would put my money on the first two sites.

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