Human Brains, Pelvises, and Love

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3. An old legend says that people are born with an invisible string tied to one of their fingers. This is linked to one other person on the Earth, with whom they are destined to be with. This old legend is highly unlikely to be true, but it illustrates that humans are not meant to be alone, that they are meant to be with someone else.

'Humans are the only creatures on Earth whose young are utterly helpless for years, and heavily dependent on adult care for more than a decade' (The Happiness Hypothesis). This is because humans, unlike other primates, are born before their brains have reached full development. 3 million years ago, humans began to be born before their brain was fully developed. This allowed for the brain to continue growing after being born. This allows for a more massive, evolved brain. The infants could not be born with this large brain because there was a limit to how big a head that a female could deliver while still maintaining a narrow pelvis to walk bipedally.

This period of brain development leads to strong bonds being formed while still young. These bonds formed at such a young age are similar to the bonds that people form with their romantic partners as adults. The humans still try to form bonds that they can rely on, just like when they were young, developing children. The legend of the invisible string is like the bond that all adults form with one another, looking for that person that they can rely on.

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The connections you drew between the legend and these properties of human attachment were interesting. You did a nice job getting the gist of the phenomenon and explaining how this contributes to later human interest in connection to another significant person.

I really like the way you took on this topic. I find it so interesting that we as humans have the need to be with other people and rely on them. Also the image is very fitting to this topic. One thing I found very interesting in your passage that I didn't know was that some animals are born with a fully evolved brain and that we are the only species that doesn't, that is fascinating! Good job!

I really enjoyed reading this post. I thought that the story of the invisible string was very interesting, and it could help to explain several mysteries about the world. I also think that the period of brain development after birth allows for bonds to be formed that are similar to the bonds that are formed between two individuals in a romantic relationship during a later period in life. I also think that this period of brain development allows for the parents to help influence their children's personalities, behaviors, talents, etc. Although I do not necessarily believe that each individual has only one soul mate, I really enjoyed reading about this "legend" and how it could possibly impact the relationships that children have with their parents and romantic partners later in life.

I was very intrigued by this topic! I have never hear of the invisible string theory story and I enjoyed reading it. I was surprised to read that some species are born with fully developed brains. Brain development outside of the womb is very important in humans and sets us apart intellectually and emotionally. I think you did a good job at explaining the string story and how it correlates with the development of relationships.

I had never heard that human brains develop more after birth because the infant's head had to be small enough to come out of their mother's pelvis. That makes complete sense though. Interesting post!

This was a really interesting post to read and I learned a lot from it. I had never before thought about the ties made to our parents as children being the same sort of bonds we form with our partners in adulthood.

With our generation today, I feel that many couples are getting married simply to not live alone. This is probably why our nation's divorce rate is right around 50%. People are simply not marrying one another because they love each other. At least that is how I see it.

I find it very fascinating to look at ancient attempts to explain the unknown. With limited technology and resources, they relied on their gut feeling and primitive experiments to form theories to answer the questions of their time. Some of these theories are a little bizar but admirable none the less. I would be interested to look into more of these ancient theories to get a better understanding of the cultural and social platforms that our ancestors experiences.

I think the reference to length of human development time is especially interesting, because in addition to taking over a decade to become somewhat independent, we take another decade to become fully independent (arguably), and even then some people may take another 10, 20, or even 30 years to find the person they will spend the rest of their life with.

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