Identity/Psyche/Character = PERSONality!

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In high school and college I have always had different "circles" of friends; I have groups of friends from classes, sports, student groups, church, etc. Therefore, I have come across some pretty interesting personalities throughout my 19 years on Earth. Personality has always fascinated me. Why are some people obnoxious? Why do some people always have drama in their lives? Why are some people introverted? After learning about personality in psychology 1001, I know that I will remember some of the concepts I learned because I think personalities are fascinating. I found the Big Five characteristics of personality very interesting because often times I identity certain personality traits that people have in common, but I could never define these characteristics. Now, I can identify the Big Five personality traits that some people share. Also, I learned that I enjoy learning about personality through an idiographic approach because I like to discover the details that make a person unique. Similar to our finger print, everyone on Earth has a certain personality that is exclusive to their identity. What a glorious idea to think about- no one else on Earth shares your personality! character-cartoon.gif

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Well, if I had to take a guess, I'd say some people are introverted because they're frightened of you (maybe they know you're analyzing their personality). But in all seriousness, I find myself doing the same thing, always analyzing personalities, scientifically or otherwise. I sometimes find myself attributing characteristics I've learned about in the textbook to certain people (unique cases you might say) as I'm reading about new concepts, and wondering what makes people act the way they do.

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