I'm Gay and I'm Proud of It!


High school was an awesome time! I was captain of the soccer team, I played on a basketball team that went to state, I was in choir and band, I was a part of the student council and the National Honors Society, and I managed to maintain a pretty good GPA. However, there was one part of my life that I was not satisfied with; my sexual orientation. During my seventh grade year I started to realize that I had feelings for other guys. All throughout my junior and high school years, my sister was the only person that knew I was gay because I was too afraid to tell anyone else. I tried so hard "not to be gay" and tried to "pray the gay away," yet that was just hopeful wishing more than anything else. I even tried getting into a relationship with another girl, but broke it off right away because it just didn't feel right to me. As much as I tried to fight those feelings away, I just knew that I was not going to change my sexual orientation. However, during college I have done a lot more research and have become a lot more accepting of who I am as a person. Since then, I have told my family and friends and have fortunately received a lot of support from them!

This brings me to my argument about whether a person can change their sexual orientation. There have been many studies conducted concerning this issue and there is support for both sides, so I feel like bringing in evidence would contribute little to this argument. If I found evidence that supported the fact that someone can not change their sexual orientation, I'm sure someone could just as easily find evidence that people can change their sexual orientation. All I know is that through my own experience I believe that people can not change their sexual orientation. However, I can not speak for everyone; maybe some people are able to change their sexual orientation which is totally fine. However, one piece of information I found to be very interesting is that far more homosexuals become heterosexual than the other way around. Is this because homosexuals are more able to change their sexual orientation than heterosexuals or is it because more homosexuals are being pressured by others to change that part of their life even if they can't? Either way, I don't believe its right for people to force others to change who they are as individuals! In the end, I don't really care if people are able to change their sexual orientation or not, but I do care that people are being true to who they are as individuals and not feeling pressured by others to be one way or another. People just need to figure out who they are for themselves.



Wow, I think you are a very strong person for what you have been through. I think that if I were a lesbian, and had told people in my high school, I would have been judged very negatively and not had many friends. It would have been even worse in middle school, since I went to a Catholic school. I agree with you when you say that you do not think that people can change their sexual orientation. I could not be homosexual if I tried, and I believe that it goes the other way as well. I also do not see why people make such a big deal about this. Some boys like boys, and some girls like girls. It's not a big deal. There are far more things in this world that people should be concerned about, like world hunger, poverty, and genocide. Thank you for posting about such a personal issue, and I hope that more people can become more accepting of others in this world :)

What a great blog post! It's great to see that you could really bring your own experience in. I thought your information about how more homosexuals become heterosexual than the other way around. was really interesting. I agree with your point saying that it's probably because they feel pressured to be heterosexual despite how they really feel. My older brother is gay and although my immediate family is accepting of him and his partner my relatives don't. They tend to straight up ignore my brother's partner, Nick, at family events. I admire your courage, along with other homosexuals, because I'm sure it's difficult being in a society where so many people aren't accepting.

I enjoyed reading your post! I've wondered whether homosexuals could change their sexual orientation, but then I ask myself if I could change being heterosexual, and I can't! I agree with you, I think more homosexuals change their sexual orientation to fit in perhaps, to not feel different, maybe they are also not accepting of themselves or society tells them they are wrong for being who they are. At the end of the day, we're all human being and we all deserve the same level of respect and understanding, no matter our sexual orientation, religion, race, class etc. Kudos to you for being proud to be gay!

WOW! WHAT A GREAT BLOG POST! Total inspiration for people to never be afraid to share their sexuality, religion, race, class as said above! I totally agree with what you said above about how there is research for homosexuals 'becoming' heterosexuals! The fact that you brought up because of societal pressures is definitely something that should be concluded in that statistic. I have so many gay friends who I am so very supportive of and they are so proud of it. We are all humans and love is love no matter what, good for you for doing this blog post and sharing this i love it!!

At the rate that our society is adapting, I have a feeling more stories like yours will become more and more common. Our world is progressively moving towards more freedom of speech, individuality and over all more accepting of others. One thing in this blog that caught my eye was the mentioning of heterosexuals becoming homosexuals and. I feel that a possible contributor to this is our increasingly open society. Being homosexual is no longer seen as a sickness (for the most part) in the minds of the younger generation. We have such diverse media, personalities, and experiences available which leads us to open our minds to many more possibilities. If I want to color my hair green, I can. If my roommate wants to become an atheist, she can. If my classmate feels strongly about an debate she has the right to protest in favor of it. Our deep seeded emotions, and beliefs are able to be expressed and the chances are that we will find someone else who is willing to support us. As we grow and develop into adults we are also likely to experience new or strengthening feelings and emotions. Having said this, it is easy to see why someone has the option to explore their options too determine what is right for them. Growing up is a very hectic and confusing time and I admire those who are able to find something to stand up for. Thank you for sharing this very touching story!

Very touching post! I also have a gay manager at work who gained a lot of support from his family and friends after knowing he's gay. It was a tough time for him going through his stages of accepting who he is. There is nothing wrong with what kind of sexual orientation a person is or becomes. I agree with you that sometimes, people feel a need to change their orientation due to pressure or from other people. Thanks for your post. It was very good!

Great post! I agree with every point that you made. I have a cousin that recently came out about being gay (even though the whole family knew for awhile). He was, I think, scared of not being accepted for who he is, in society and in our family. Almost everyone in my family embraced him and supported him. My grandmother, unfortunately, has old-school views and is very religious. She thought that being gay was a negative thing and that he would have a really hard time being accepted into society because of it. She attempted to bribe him into going to church with her, hoping that something would change. I was a bit outraged when I found this out; my grandmother is a wonderful person and was only, in her eyes, looking out for my cousin. Luckily, after a couple of months she turned around and is now more open. I do not think that sexual orientation is by choice; people need to accept everyone for who they are and not pressure them to change.

This was a great post, and it was great to hear your story. I hope that in the future societal pressures will cease - at least a little - so that more people can feel support and acceptance like this, because I don't think that sexuality can truly be changed deep down. It may be able to be hidden further and further away from the judgements of society, but in the end people are who they are.

This post was awesome and your story is really inspiring! I agree wholeheartedly with everything in this post. In my opinion, the reason more homosexuals become heterosexual than the other way around is because of the pressures that can be put on homosexuals.

I hope that our country can move forward and accept homosexuality. If we can our country can continue to progress towards acceptance of homosexuals, then our future generations will not have to feel like they have to just fight their urges rather than accepting who they are and what they believe in. I definitely do believe that heterosexuals can change into being homosexuals over time because I have seen it happen before.

I agree with you and also believe that sexual orientation cannot change. If there is change though, I definitely think that it is because society is pressuring homosexuals to become heterosexual. My reason for this is that as you said, there are not nearly as many heterosexuals changing turning homosexual. I really think that society plays a huge role is the way people act and show who they are.

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