Mean girls.


Something that really caught my attention from Chapter 13 was the difference in aggressiveness between men and women. According to the textbook, males have a higher level of physical aggressiveness than do females. The reasons behind this higher level of physical aggressiveness are controversial, however some researchers have identified this difference with higher levels of the hormone testosterone in males. It has also been found that females tend to have higher levels of relational aggressiveness than do males. Relational aggression, which is defined as a form of indirect aggression marked by spreading rumors, gossiping, social exclusion, and nonverbal putdowns for the purposes of interpersonal manipulation, is undoubtedly prominent in today's societies, especially among high school- and college-aged girls.
One example in which we can observe relational aggression among girls is in the movie Mean Girls. In the movie, Cady Heron, a home-schooled, high school-aged girl, experiences firsthand the components of relational aggression, including rumors, gossiping, and nonverbal putdowns. However, something that I found especially interesting was that these behaviors in the movie were compared with the physical aggressiveness of the animals that Cady was raised alongside of in Africa. I think that this demonstrates that relational aggression can be just as harmful as physical aggression that is often displayed by males. Relational aggression is hurtful and can often have long-term effects, which is why both women and men should avoid inflicting this kind of harm on other individuals.



I think that the movie Mean Girls definitely illustrates the difference between aggression in genders. I am sure that almost every girl has experienced gossiping, exclusion, verbal fights, and other caddy actions. Boys may exhibit some forms of relational aggression, however not to the extent girls do. This topic is really interesting to read about since it is relevant (or was relevant) in most of our lives.

Wow, great post! I think the media reinforces the two different aggressions of males and females. TV shows and movies all relate physical aggressiveness as a male trait, and relational aggression as a female trait. And I think that many people have begun to realize the harm that relational aggressiveness can inflict. Things like cyber-bullying have shown that rumors, gossip, and teasing can hurt some people to the point of suicide. In today's society it has become even easier to be relational aggressive because social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are an easy place to spread rumors and gossip to thousands of people within seconds.

Mean Girls is definitely a fantastic example of relational aggression. I think the physical aggression bits are pretty interesting too. It's almost like the physical aggression scenes that are imagined by Cady are what she wants to do but instead suppresses because of gender roles.

One of my favorite movies of all time. As I was reading the first part about male and female aggressiveness, I was thinking that although males display more aggression, females definitely have just as much hidden aggression. You covered that with relational aggressiveness, which perfectly matches how females show aggression, while males show more physical aggression. Good post.

I like how you compared relational aggression to the movie Mean Girls. It is an awesome and funny movie but also a good example. I agree that men are more physically aggressive (most likely to show off their manliness) whereas girls are more relationally aggressive. However, it is right to note that relational aggressiveness can be just as harmful as physical aggressiveness because it can be psychological damaging for some people. Overall, people just need to learn how to healthily manage their aggression instead of throwing a punch or starting a rumor.

Great example to use for your blog post. I've seen this movie and understand the concept you are going for and it works. Personally I don't like the movie, but I believe that although males have higher physical aggression I think that females relational aggression is worse in the long run. When males fight they generally make up with one another (You really got me good with that punch..Your jab wasn't to shabby youself...something along those lines) while on the other hand verbal abuse can be thrown back and forth to one another and it will never be forgotten. I personally don't know this but have heard from female friends this happens a lot. Especially in the high school stage. Males will forget why they fought and become friends but when females have a problem with one another generally doesn't go away. Excellent blog post and good used of real life examples.

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