Nature vs. Nurture


The subject from Psych 1001 that I will probably remember the most 5 years from now would be the Nature vs. Nurture debate. I am a sophomore majoring in Genetics and Cell Development right now, and I think that this can, in a way, be applied to my future career. It shows that while genetics can have a huge influence on a person and their life choices, their environment also has an influential role. In the field of genetics, there has been lots of research lately that is working to identify more on gene expression and the many ways in which genes can be affected be external factors. For example, two people can have the same gene sequence that has been found to be highly correlated with occurrences of breast cancer, but only one of the women will get breast cancer. Geneticists often try to analyze a persons genetic material to identify what diseases they may be susceptible to. Analyzing the persons environment along with their genetic sequence will help to narrow in on disease that the person is more likely to get. I think that one day I might be involved in genetic research or genetic counseling, and I can reflect back upon my time in Psych 1001 to remember what I learned about how both genetics and the environment affect behavior.


Psych 1001 can be applied in everything we do. I am planning on being a physical therapist not only will I have to understand different personalities as well as having to help people cope with the stress of injuries. I think this course should be if it is not already a prerequisite for every major in any university!The things we learned in this course will allow us to be healthier, communicate more efficiently, and be more productive in society.

This is topic that finds itself often in the media, and I believe I will also remember it in 5 years. It is very unnerving to think that our genes, something we have no control over, is so influential in our life. A predisposition to cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer can really change how a person lives their life. Obviously knowing these predispositions early on could help in finding cures and allow people to change their lifestyle to avoid developing the disease or at least postpone its onset.

Way to apply this to your future career! I'd be interested to see how much geneticists actually do apply the concept of nature vs nurture in their research, or if they mostly apply the nature part.

I think this is easily one of the most interesting topics in psychology because it can be brought up in any situation that we have dealt with. But at the same time, it is the most debated and talked about topics. No one will ever know what the right answer is, but I will always be interested to see what people say is the most important!

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