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The Notebook has been a romance movie women of all ages have raved about since the book was created into a movie. Little do you know, some men also find that movie intriguing as well. This movie also seems to correlate perfectly to the three major principles guide to attraction and relationship formation, which are: proximity, similarity, and reciprocity. First off, proximity in the story/movie can be seen when Allie and Noah are together, but once she moves away and is cut off from him completely she is able to move on, but when she is living in the same town as him all they wanted to do was be together. As for similarity, although they weren't of the same class of wealth they were very similar. They had the same sense of humor, they loved each other, and when they were together it was like money and their families opinions didn't matter. Reciprocity can be shown in the story through the creating of the house for Allie, for Noah doing everything for her and writing to her, and Allie finally visiting one last time. These three major principles can be found in almost any relationship, by recognizing them they can possibly allow for you to improve your relationship skills with ones you love!


Very good examples from the movie. I am a male who was intrigued by the movie (even though I was forced to watch it with my girlfriend). Allie and Noah had so much in common, the similarity, that nothing else mattered to them when they were together. They argued quite a bit in the movie, but always got over it because they cared about each other so much. When they were apart it was easier to move on, but being close to each other made it impossible for them to stay apart. These are three very good principles to follow, and notice, in your relationships.

An interesting example to use. As another male I am not inclined to pick this movie over an action movie but was also intrigued once I was forced to watch it. My fiance and I aren't in their exact shoes but we share common interests and have the occasional arguments but what relationship doesn't. I initially started college in Texas and during that period we were completely cut off. It wasn't the best experience in the world but during holidays when we were together we were inseparable. No it's not a movie romance but the three major principles of attraction has taken place in my life. Very well written blog post that correlated psychology into a decent movie.

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