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When I was younger Alzheimer's was a disease that made you forget things, maybe you forget to do your homework, or you forget to do the dishes, but my innocent view of the disease was way off the mark. Alzheimer's is a very scary yet very prevalent disease in our world today. The cause of it is unknown except a small amount of cases that have been linked to genetics.
By 2050 it is said that 1 in 85 people will have this disease. This disease seems to have no mercy, which to me is the scariest part. This disease does not discriminate except that it mainly affects people late in life. And you don't recover from it, it only gets worse. Currently the only line of action is prevention... and there is no definitive evidence to support any method of prevention. This disease is coupled with the burden you would place on the people around you and the fact that slowly but surely your brain is giving up. Optimism and hope may be our only weapon against this monster, for now but extensive research is being done to find a cure. For example some researchers believe the answer may lie in a person's diet, in that certain vitamins may help to fight against the onset of this disease. This article mentions a possible cure for the disease that seems to have had "a remarkable affect on mice afflicted with a condition similar to Alzheimer's in humans". Hopefully the cure is found soon.


Prevention of this disease is the key problem nowadays. Scientist are optimistic that in the future the number of people suffering from it will decrease substantially. The most urgent problem is prevention and let's hope the research in this field will lead to positive results.


Very well written blog post. It's scary to think that we could potentially get this disease later on in life. 1 in 85 by 2050 seems even worse. You never know though, in a couple years or so a miracle cure could potentially arise.

I think this was a very well written post, highlighting the issues of the disease while writing in a way that is easy to understand. The article you linked to was also very informative. I hope that a cure or a way to prevent this disease is found soon, especially since I hope to not develop it when I am older.

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