Chapter 16 - Freud

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I am willing to bet that most of you, before taking this class, have heard of Freud, even if it was just in passing and you did not understand what it meant. I always thought it was strange how people thought that every detail in a dream had a specific meaning that could be identified with enough study into it. A part of the Freudian school of thought that I did believe was possible was the idea that a person's actions are partly based on unconscious thoughts. I think that an idea that can be associated with this is that most people have a sort of 'type' of guy or girl that they always seem to go after, even if they don't realize it. I definitely agree with Freud's thinking that things like this can be based off of unconscious impulses that may be based on some event that occurred in their childhood. I do think that he went to far in saying that most desires are based in something that is just simply primal, like sexual desire. Most actions probably have other basis, like the need to feel connected to a society. Altogether, I really enjoyed studying Freud and his writings, and I think that his insights are definitely something that I will read more into.Excellent+demonstration+of+a+Freudian+slip+OP+_cd13c5150273bdde0bafcbae973c56a9.jpg

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While I will concede that Freud was the source of several valuable psychological breakthroughs, I have trouble accepting the heroic picture that history has painted of him as the most influential psychologist in history, as many claim. Many of his claims were wildly outrageous, such as his recurring suggestions had almost all problems had root in childhood experience or unconscious sexual desires, as if everything that we do is based around fulfilling sexual desires, a claim with which I think many people would disagree. Freud said "the goal of psychoanalysis is to turn neurotic misery into ordinary, everyday unhappiness"; that's a man that I would surely want to entrust with the health of psyche. All in all, I think the only reason Freud received so much attention is that his ideas were extraordinarily controversial, not because his drama-inducing ideas were actually insightful.

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