Making Decisions With Moral Reasoning


One of the subjects we discussed in Psychology that I believe will stick with me for a long amount of time will be the section about moral reasoning. People often develop strong feelings, values and beliefs around this time in their life because now we have to start making a lot of important decisions and are experiencing a lot of new things. Entering your late teens and your early twenties can be when many people start experiencing moral dilemmas. This is the age when some decisions aren't clear about what's right and wrong. We're also better able to understand consequences of not just our parents but all of society, whether it be our peers, teachers, bosses, co-workers, etc. This will especially stay with me through out college, being that I'm only a freshman. There's many more decision I'll have to make. What major should I choose? Where will I live? Should I go to graduate school? Is this person right for me? How can I build up my resume? And in the end did I make all the right choices for me? I have some important things to think about within the next couple years and I will definitely be exercising my moral reasoning.


This is definitely a good topic to carry with you for a long time. Especially in this day and age where we see something new in the media nearly everyday about a person or a company with a lack of moral reasoning. I definitely think our culture as a whole could use a re-up on moral reasoning and/or ethics in general.

Good post, I agree that moral reasoning should be part of your decision making for your decisions you'll have to make for the rest of your life. It seems like as we grow older, the type of decisions we have to make keep getting bigger and bigger, and I think that moral reasoning becomes even more important as we age, too.

Interesting post! It is fascinating to learn about how we apply our morals and values to our lives. I found the sections about religion and morals in the book very interesting because even people who do not follow a religion closely obviously still have strong morals. To me, this shows that morality is a basic aspect of human nature. Humans have conviction, no matter which religion or how religious a person may be.

Being able to live with our decisions is important. This determines if we will be able to live a happy and satisfying life or not. If our morals fail us and are we are unable to make good choices we can be forced to make further bad choices and send our life into a downward spiral. Of course this depends on the level of impacts those choices have on our life but sometime even the smallest things can have a large impact. So here is to hoping our moral compus always points north!

I think this post is interesting because as we are all now college students, we are not watched over as much and we have more freedom (at least in my case). With this freedom, our morals and values are tested because we do not feel there is an authoritative presence watching over our every choice in life.

I definitely agree with you and think that moral reasoning is a really tough thing to deal with. It is especially difficult to deal with when emotions get in the way and try to pull you in the opposite direction. It can be a really big and annoying struggle to have to deal with.

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