Memory Loss portrayed through film


I have watched my fair share of movies that incorporate characters who suffer from memory loss such as Memento, Bourne Identity, 50 First Dates, and even The Notebook. I would easily say that the Bourne series is the best series I have ever seen but I will focus on the memory loss associated with the main character Leonard Shelby from Memento. Lenny suffers from a memory loss condition after his head was injured from trying to save his wife from being murdered in his own home. The thing is, the police are not trying to track down this guy so he feels he needs to get vengeance for his wife's death. His memory loss is short-term. He has to write notes on photos and tattoo important information to enhance his memory of past recent events. He explains that if someone talks too long or he takes a nap or is not doing something for a while that he will become preoccupied and not remember recent events. This seems to be characteristic of dementia. However, even though this disease can occur before geriatric stages of age, I do not feel he was really completely disoriented or suffering physically as well. He was simply disoriented most often with his mission of finding the killer of his wife. That makes sense because most crime investigations are quite complex and take a lot of notes and time to go through information even for police who do not suffer from memory loss.


I myself have experienced some occasions where I am unable to events that happened just recently. I don't see this to be particularly unusual mainly because it happens during times of great anxiety or confusion. For some of us our minds are trying to conserve energy and prioritize tasks so we are better prepared for taxing events to occur. I feel the best way to avoid these incidences is to be more organized and to stay calm. Keeping a level head allows me to better asses complex situations and to determine the best route to take.

I think that the movie you described sounds really interesting. I think it's strange how memories are so fluid and rarely reflect the true events that occurred. I think that if we could all remember events of our past perfectly, we would stop arguing so much about how things really happened.

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