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A few weeks ago, I read a blog entry on REM rebound, like we had learned in class. I found it very interesting to read about another person's experience with that, since I have had that happen to me many times before. However, this past weekend I experienced an extremely vivid REM rebound dream - even more vivid than normal. I fell asleep almost immediately when I laid down, and after a while, I woke up and thought I had been sleeping for hours. Once I checked my phone, I realized that I had only slept for a little while. I laid in bed and recalled an intense dream I had about different situations and friends in my life. I still can clearly remember that dream. It was interesting to really take the time to think about what had happened and why in that dream, especially considering it was easy for me to remember. People should definitely take the time to look into deeper aspects of their life, like what dreams are, how they work, and more importantly, the meaning.

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