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The topic that will stick with me the most after this semester of Psychology is personality. Many topics that were covered over the last few months were very interesting to me, but understanding personalities definitely stood out the most. Because personality is made up of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique, I was interested from the very beginning. I find it fascinating to observe different individuals behaviors based on their personality. Once we got more in depth with understanding the factors behind what make up an individual's personality, I was loving it! Especially the discussion activity that we did when we were put into specific groups based on our personality types, that was so interesting to me. Learning about the five core personality traits - extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness - helped me understand how and why people act based on their personality. Personality is a huge factor in everyone's life. It determines the type of friends that they will make, what kind of a job they will hold, how they will ultimately carry out their life. Because I was so fascinated with personality, I decided to take the Psychology of Personality next semester. I cannot wait!


I found that activity for the personality discussion very interesting as well being able to see the different groups and how they acted. I was in the quiet easy going group and essentially we all were able to easily decide what to do in a calm manner and noticed the difference between our group and the louder two next to us. There was an upside to the fact that we were able to reach an agreement easily but since none of us were as outgoing as the other groups our planned activity wasn't as exciting.

I also found myself to be in one of the more introverted groups during that activity (I'm not sure what the actual group distinctions were). We had a very easy time planning the trip because everyone was very agreeable. However, when it came time to present our trip the presenter had to be decided by the always fair "nose goes" method. I think this showed that it is very valuable to have many different personalities that can complement each other when working with a team.

I have to say that personality was definitely one of the most interesting topics as well! the five factor model of personality that you talked about will stick out to me because i have actually started using it when looking at specific people i have known forever to figure out what type they are high or low in!

I also wrote about personality for my final blog post! Personalities are so fascinating, and like you said I found the discussion activity very interesting! Personality type definitely plays a part in a person's future profession and activities. Also, like you mentioned, personality can determine the type of friends that a person makes. Do opposites attract? I was high in extroversion, but I definitely have some very introverted friends. It is interesting to see how different personality types can complement each other.

I think personality is also a very fascinating topic. I think a lot of people learn about who they really are as individuals when they learn more about their personality. Learning about your personality also has a lot of benefits. If you are more of an introvert, then you know not to go to huge parties and stick to smaller gatherings to have fun. You can also work on things you don't like about yourself such as if you are not a very agreeable person you can try being more open to new ideas.

I find personality to be very interesting as well. It is what makes us who we are and makes us individuals. The part that I find the most fascinating about personality is that everyone's can be described on a scale of 5 trails. ONLY 5 traits!!! And some how this system had stood the test of time. Even in lue of the many technological advances and cultural hoops our species has jump through. I am curious if some of the current theories being developed will be able to do the same.

I agree with you and definitely think that this is the topic that I will remember the most. I really enjoyed learning about why people act the way that they do and it was just really nice to understand why I can click with a certain type of person really well and not click with others.

I like that you mentioned the fact that personality is made up of so many things. I also liked learning more about what makes up each persons personality. It's cool that you were so interested in this topic that you decided to take a course in it in the fall.

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