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I thought that the abstract assignment was surprisingly easy and fun. I really enjoyed reading the article "Out of Balance", about food marketings role in obesity. I found that i spent more time reading the article than i did writing both of my abstracts. I dont believe I shortened it by taking shortcuts, but rather i took my time while reading and it was much easier to summarize and article that i knew so much about. I think this was a good assignment, that increased our skills as writers, readers and gave us some usefull real world knowlege.


wow Matt I'm really happy to hear you had a fun time writing this paper. I was surprised it did not take you too much time. Do you really think some people really tried to take shortcuts on this paper. I do not know how you could have cheated on this without bs your way through the info which I figured would be really easy to catch. Matt is always a pleasure talking to you. I like your style. How was that field trip

I wouldn't go quite so far as to say that I enjoyed writing the abstracts, but it was a new experience for me because I never worked with abstracts in high school. This makes me glad that we did this assignment because it sounds like the ability to write a good abstract will be an important skill to have in the next few years.