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A lot of people have been commenting about how easy the abstracts have been. Personally I think that writing these two abstracts was a fairly hard assignment. Reading the article and picking out the main points was not too bad, just time consuming. I think that figuring out the difference between the descriptive and the informative abstracts was challenging. Once I figured out the process for writing the abstracts, getting the main points down and the supporting facts was not too hard. I believe that the hardest part of the abstracts was trying to explain what the thirty page article was about in only 125 words and trying to summarize the main points, major facts, and arguments in only 200 words. I had a very hard time trying to get within the allotted word count.


I agree with you Jeff. I also had a hard time getting 125 words for the descriptive abstract and 200 words for the informative abstract. I had to cut a lot of my rough draft because both abstracts were just too long. I thought this paper was difficult in the sense of not plagiarizing the author's writing while still getting the main points across to the reader. I have a tendency to take notes and use them directly in my paper where that is still plagiarizing.

I think the hardest part of the Abstract Assignment for me was the Peer Review. I feel on some of these assignments, we are all clueless, and really dont know exactly what we are supposed to be/know how to effectively review. I mean, if I don't truely know how to write an abstract, will I be any help to anyone?