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The claims part of this final paper seems to be a waste of time. Like somebody previously said in the blog by now everybody knows what their claims are going to be. Maybe we should've had our claims ready when we had our one-on-one appointments early in this whole process.


I agree that the claims are just kind of an obvious this at this point in time. My claims look very short and kind of pathetic but it is all the claims I could think of. And while I do find it a waste of time, it is kind of nice that it buys us another week to write our paper.

I also agree that the claims should have been a part of an assignment before the annotated bibliography and the literature review. It would have given us a little more structure for when we had to write our literature review, and be more specific for what kind of sources we needed to help prove our thesis statement. I don't think the claims assignment is necessarily a waste of time because it does give us a focus for our papers and it makes sure we hit all the points in our topic to make a thorough paper.

I dont know. I think that they could be a waste of time, but I'm willing to take the time to record all the ones I might use. Although we have gone over what claims are and what types they are, for me the best way to learn something is by doing it. This assingment is kinda difficult for me because I hadn't given any thought to what my claims are or which ones i need to use. I do agree that we should have done them earlier though.

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