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Internet Explorer

So, as all of you may have noticed recently, there is a new internet explorer out there. Since everyone pretty much uses the internet and mainly internet explorer I am assuming, how do you guys like it so far? Personally, I think it is much better than the older version and the features are alot better and its about time they came out with a newer one!


I haven't seen the new Internet Explorer yet, but I do know that most internet servers become annoying, when there are WAY to many toolbars at the top. It was nice to have the google search bar, but then there was the AOL one, and then the Yahoo one...I wish that there would just be a place to insert a web address, add my favorites, and click on links. No more annoying ad ons.

I was recently introduced to Mozilla Firefox, I have found it much more efficient than any web browser I had used in the past. I agree that there are too many ad ons for Internet Explorer, and I think Firefox is a good way to keep things accessible and still be organized. Plus it automatically does spell check on everything, which is nice for us bad typers.

Basically everything that Matt said except the recently introduced part. I’ve been using Firefox for over a year, and never looked back. It’s a great way to avoid Bill Gate’s ever growing circle of influence. Plus it actually protects your computer from viruses instead of giving it them.