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Writers reference

While reading from the writer's reference text I find myself being bored silly. After only about a half page I ready to pull out a lighter and start a small fire with my book, and I am sure these thoughts will only become more tempting once we get to more seasonable temperatures. I also find, after forcing myself through the readings, the content actually affects how I write. The material that I had been forcing myself to read is actually beneficial to how I structure my sentences and my entire paper.


I completely agree! The other thing I noticed is that I am finding it difficult to read because of how the text is formated. The way it has short paragraphs in between lists of words and tables drives me nuts. Also, I dont like all the annoying tabs on the edge or the spiral binding. Hey I bet that plastic coating would burn in a bunch of really cool colors!

Yes! Thank you, someone else brought this topic up to talk about. The writer’s reference text couldn’t be more boring if it tried. How are we supposed to just read rules of English for 50 pages? As for the fire idea, if my calc book wasn’t over $100 I would definitely do the same thing with that. Ha, I like how our class talks about burning books, and the other class talks about all these serious topics.