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You probably had to be there

So.... In class Maggie said something that was absolutely hilarious and I felt the need to share it with you guys in the other class--and to remind and make my class chuckle. Yesterday we were discussing the differend types of arguments in chapter 10, I can't think the name off the top of my head--the argument was "abortion is like murder," so whatever you'd consider that... (sorry! someone specify? I'm too caught up in this example!)... after the presentation of this type of argument, Maggie said... "Oh here! I have a really great example that I like to think of for this kind of argument! 'Abortion is like murder,' hmmm... Well, let's say you have a big bucket of DEATH *draws a bucket labeled "death" on the white board* and you want to decide what should go in the bucket...."

It's sad because I can't remember which argument this was for, but I remember this example so well.

So then she continues to talk about whether abortion is considered murder or similarly, if a DWI resulting in a manslaughter is considered murder--based on the intent behind it... explaining how, either way, the outcome is death....

then the question became, does it still get chucked in the "bucket of death" even if it's manslaughter or even like assisted suicide? or are there separate buckets labeled manslaughter and suicide? even though they all end in death and really COULD go go in the bucket of death....

Interesting example. I guess you had to be there, but it was ridiculously funny!
It's nice to have a teacher that falls in the "sense of humor" bucket. :)


Yes, abortion is exactly like murder. (sarcasm) Especially in cases of rape, incest, or birthing complications that could kill the mother. Thank you, South Dakota for over turning that one, you finally got something right.