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Blog 4 - Looking Ahead

If I got to study, research, or work outside of the "constraints" of the architecture school ( assuming I had the time and money), I would do alot of things...

When doing research for a project last semester, I came upon this video which led me to look more into the idea of biomimicry. I was excited to learn that we will be learning more about it later in the semester in 1701. I really like biology and the environment and think it is really interesting to be able to look to nature for inspiration in design. Biomimicry is the discovery and transfer of ideas from the natural world to design for a more sustainable planet. Many plants and animals meet their needs every day while protecting the environment they live in for future generations. Biomimicry tries to follow nature's lead.

In this video, Janine Benyus, one of the first developers of biomimicry explains twelve different ways that researchers have already been inspired by nature in the creation of new technologies and designs. Here are some of the ideas:

-Whale fins have tubercles that increase efficiency while swimming through the water. The idea would be to add similar objects to the edge of airplane wings to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

-Lotus plants have a certain texture on them that allows them to be self-cleaning with only rain water. Exterior building surfaces can be modeled after the lotus leaf so that they will be self-cleaning as well.

-Certain Shellfish have a protein that they exude to stop their shell from continuously crystalizing and growing. This protein has been modeled after in order to stop the build-up of minerals in pipes.

I would love to study or do research with someone that has a background in biology or plant life, and really sit down and go through some of our natural world and see how we can model our designs after them. I would like to come up with some solutions of my own.
We can look to animals, as well as inanimate objects of our earth. The possibilities seem endless and can relate to technology, art, architecture, etc. I think this is the way our world needs to go to live peacefully with the environment.
There needs to be a time in your life that you can just take in the environment and learn to live with it. A place where you could do this would be out in the wild, away from the city and away from technology. It seems easier said than done, and I think it would be a challenge to me to be disconnected from the world for a little while, which in the end would be a great opportunity to grow.



I know that drawing is someting that really takes practice and if done enough, comes easier to me. My dream would be to travel to Europe and just spend time drawing.
Recently, after learning in depth about the Brooklyn Bridge, I have become fascinated with bridges and I think it would be exciting to learn from a more engineering standpoint, how bridges are designed and built. I think bridges have a certain aspect about them that is worth studying - the connection that they provide. Without the impact of this engineering masterpiece, our world would be much different. I would study these bridges through travels to different significant bridges, as well as do research, drawings, and produce photographs.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy



After hearing Thomas Fisher speak, and reading some of his work, I have become more aware of how important it is to have a good understanding for other disciplines, even some that don't seem to be connected to architecture at all. I have already explained that I would like to learn more about biology, but there are many other things that would be of interest to me. I would like to learn more about other cultures - so possibly take some global studies and sociology classes or even live within a different culture.
I've always seen shows on the Discovery Channel about people going and living with tribes and adapting to their way of life. Someone who does this can learn so much about the world around them as well as evaluate and understand their original culture. Although I may not be outgoing enough or have the ability to adapt to change as well as I should, doing something like that would be pretty eye-opening...and this is all just hypothetical, right?
Here is an example of one of these experiences:
Two men attempt to live with the Kombai Tribe


4. RUN

I tried to think about how I could incorporate my passion for running into something that I could do to still have an impact on the environment. I think it would be pretty cool to be a part of designing a marathon or race of some sort that raised money for a cause. There are hundreds, if not thousands of races out there that already do this, but I would like to learn the process of how the whole thing is put together.
My original major was in advertising, so I could put some of what I learned there to play in this endeavor.
Knowing that I made some sort of difference in raising money to find a cure, to save the environment, etc. would make me feel like I was having an impact on improving our world.