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Blog 6 - Presentation Inspiration

I think that photographs and images are the most important part of a good presentation. While the information is extremely important, it is necessary that the viewer can really understand what the presenter is trying to show/say. Images play an important role in this.

I also think that putting your own touch on photographs makes them more personal. This means editing, painting, etc. I think it would be exciting and interesting to incorporate our take on the topic. It would be a challenge to intermix artwork with precise images, but I think that if we could, it would have a wonderful effect.
This image shows the cover of the most recent PRINT magazine, and combines realistic images with an artistic affect.

Another thing I think is important and looks good as well is enlarging important quotes and putting them on the same page as an image, such as this Graphis book cover:

When it comes to the actual layout of the presentation, our group decided that we wanted to put it together in portfolio form. I like the idea of having a two page spread for each topic we discuss. I like the idea of having one large image (along with possibly a few smaller images) on the left side with the text and some sort of arrangement of images on the right side. This makes it possible to really emphasize an important image.

I found an example of a title page that I liked as well. An artist named Keith Zulawnik has a website with all of his work. His title page includes smaller images that give the viewer a preview of what is to come.


There are some layout ideas that I know I don't like as well. For example, I don't think that it ever looks good to slant photographs. It looks unprofessional and is hard for the viewer to follow. Straight, parallel lines are much better at leading the viewers eye in the direction the designer wants. Here is an example of this type of layout:


Overall, I have found some very intriguing layouts. I like when lines on the pages connect the photographs and images so the viewer's eyes know where to travel on the pages. I like when there are certain layouts that can be transformed a bit from page to page, but still have the same general layout