August 10, 2004

Sunday and Monday's workouts

See, I'm really not that diligent about updating this blog. Oh well, here's another entry recapping my two most recent workouts.

Sunday - another windy, windy day, which pushed me onto the treadmill

4 miles - approx. 35:00 minutes
150 sit-ups

I meant to do this run at 8:00/mile pace, but I just couldn't go that fast the entire time. My legs felt off the entire run.


1 mile warm-up followed by weight-lifting

2x12 bench press
3x12 seated rows
3x12 lat pull-downs
2x12 tricep pushdowns
2x12 dumbell flys
2x12 shoulder shrugs
3x12 bicep curls
150 sit-ups

1/2 mile cooldown jog

Posted by vanr0033 at August 10, 2004 4:35 PM