July 30, 2004

first foray into blogging...

After browsing blogs for a few weeks, I've decided to join the growing masses and carve out a niche for myself. The first post will contain the obligatory (read: humdrum) personal information and thoughts on the future direction of the blog.

I'm a graduate student in geography at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. My research deals with historical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the United States decennial census of population and housing (exiciting, eh?). In my free time, I love to read, cook, run, and watch TV/movies with my wife.

This blog will focus on my free time activities, especially running. If I'm diligent (for those who know me, that's debatable...), this blog will be a diary of my training and racing, interspersed with comments on books, food, books about food, and television.

Posted by vanr0033 at 10:33 AM