October 2, 2005

Why hello.

I started my own little blog here. Hooray for me, eh? How the heck did you stumble upon this?

But anyway, since I know none of you reading this (if anyone actually is), I guess it would be a nice time to introduce myself. Although not an extravagant introduction, as I could probably take hours writing about myself and I don't have the time. As you'll read in the upcoming weeks, months, however long this blog lasts, you'll get more of an idea of what kind of guy I am...

So. My name is Alex Varner. I am at 18 years of age, and am a freshman at the University of Minnesota. Nice to meet you.

More background info: I come from the small town of Greenfield, Minnesota, which is located about 45 minutes away from Minneapolis. I happen to have homeschooled for the last 7 years, which gave me a lot of time to goof off and waste my time (I miss it already). And the biggest factoid there is about me: I am the biggest introvert on the face of this planet.

Yes, it's not a fact that I'm terribly proud of, and it means that any social life of mine is completely non existent, but I guess I have to deal with it. It's something that I can't seem to change, either, since I'm so socially inept to boot. But look at it this way, if I wasn't such a loser, then you wouldn't have this blog for your reading pleasure. So my loss, your gain.

I really could say much more, but I've got other things to do. Like start the paper I have due on Tuesday. Or go eat. Yeah... you can guess which option I'm going to end up doing...

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