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A change of heart.

In a very recent stream of thoughts, I feel as if my brain has affected the structure of my pulmonary commander, thus resulting in a so-called 'change of heart'. I don't exactly know why I'm using such ridiculous language to say simple things, but perhaps there's some sort of deeper commentary in there. Perhaps not. Often is the case with such things. Digression aside, perhaps I shall use this space to sample strange brain patterns which I often mistake for inspiration. More specifically, perhaps I will someday compile these random musings into a semi-coherent work. With yet another increase in specificity, perhaps I will attempt to gather pieces of a story. A book. Or more likely, a short story, since my complete lack of motivation and my striking ability to immediately forget things which have played lead parts in the plays within plays that are my thought patterns can often lead me to leave projects unfinished. More often than not, they remain unstarted. More likely than not, these will simply end up being incoherent ramblings with even more incoherent digressions interjected throughout. Previously, I had the notion of creating some sort of fictional work relating to quantum entanglement. However, seeing how I understand very little about the subject, I hardly seem like the so-called 'man for that job'. Nevertheless, maybe that's how great fiction is spawned. Men (or women, I guess) writing about things for which they hold a strong interest and very little understanding. Perhaps that's what philosophy is all about. Perhaps I shall become a philosopher...

This is a comment.

This, like most blogs, doesn't need to exist. Unless one takes the fact that it does exist as a proof that necessitates its existence. However, beyond the far reaching effects of chaos theory and the butterfly effect, this space, these words are irrelevant.

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